Cooking for Passover

is now easier.

50 no-fuss tasty recipes. Kosher for Passover with no Kitniyot (legumes). 



All recipes in this book follow kashrut guidelines for Passover and do not include kitniyot (legumes). Wherever possible, lowest glycemic index sweeteners are used.

The purpose of this ebook is to make things more relaxed for you during this holiday; we all know too well that things can get intense with all the cleaning, selling, organizing, shopping and cooking. 

These 50 recipes are kosher for Passover, kitniyot free and can be made with basic cooking utensils and equipment and on the stove top 

(in case you don’t use your oven during Passover). 

Every recipe comes with a photo of the final dish for easy reference.

Passover Food can be Fun and Easy!




Serve kosher & healthy meals to your family without compromising on flavor.


Planning your week of Passover meals is now a breeze. 

Download to your iPad and Kindle

Use your iPad, Kindle or Android Tablet as your own personal Kitchen Assistant! 

Load the book on your tablet, then bring it with you to the kitchen for an easy step by step review. Always have a handy photo of the final dish to guide your efforts. 

If you have this book it probably means you observe the holiday of Passover, or are a curious person who’s into gluten & sugar free foods.

Every year my close friends ask me to share or give them ideas of what to eat during this week, so I finally decided to put them in writing and this book was born. No more eating tuna salad and matza the whole week guys!

Im trying to keep the recipes on the healthy side, but you’ll find some fried stuff in this book. In case you do use your oven, you can bake instead of frying. My style of cooking is sugar-free, so I use Stevia, Honey or Date Syrup as sweeteners. Feel free to use your sweeteners of choice.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did putting it together and that it makes your Passover week feel like a smooth summer breeze.

Here are some examples of what you can find inside:

Let's look at some dishes from the Book


Hannah Picciotto

"Every Shabbat I looked forward to having Ruthy's food. It's one of the things I miss the most about Panama. And her Pesach meals, never boring! Love her cooking and her recipes."

Miami, FL

Tziporah Benzquen

"We are in love with Ruthy's recipes; simple but different, easy to make by yourself, healthy, which is very important for us and our kids love the food. Ruthy understands the ingredients and how to combine them in such new and interesting ways, in order to turn ordinary recipes into extraordinary food!"

"I have known Ruthy's Kitchen many years now, and I keep being delighted. 

The perfect blend between homey and gourmet. You will want to learn to prepare every single dish."

Natalie Salzmann

Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

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